Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Enterprise Apps - Where do we go?

The first topic i am going to deal with is ERP, Yes enterprise resource planning. Now of all the things to do why that well, i think there is some big transition

that is going to happen in that market..still not to sure what it is

Why do i think there is going to be a transition, here are the top reasons...

1. ERP has become a Utility
2. ERP - II is / has happened
3. Open Source ERP packages are becoming available.
4. Market / Module Segmentation - Vendors used to segment the market till now by verticals etc, but moving into the future that will be
5. Reduced IT budgets need to use as much as possible for Tech Competitives building, rather than maintenance
6. Maintenance Costs are quite High, for ERP
7. Consolidation of the ERP Servers. - Central Costing
8. Bandwidth/Network Costs down
9. Hardware Cost down...maintenance costs still high
10.Real Time Management - Need!!!!!

In retrospect, the above mentioned points are

applicable to any of the Enterprise Applications.


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