Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Quick Hack - Local News - Keyword Search

A blog finally!!!!!, I have had just too much on my plate the last couple of days-week and this trend seems to be continuing for some time, What can I say its crazy but true.

But today, I finally got to spend sometime doing not so mundane stuff.

Background the whole things started with a meeting with my boss, he wanted some functionality which would enable him to search a set of sites for specific terms/key words in them on a daily basis. At present a marketing analyst spends time going to each site and searches for this information and picks up the relevant links and displays it/documents it.

First thoughts, If all these sites has RSS wouldn't it be so cool. All this person would need to do it get these feeds into an aggregator and search for those particular terms or set up search feeds like those allowed by bloglines for those terms. But alas since there is no RSS feeds on these site...though I really wonder why?

So when required to come up with an alternative, I moved to Google Web API, the suggested approach is where I will maintain a simple text file list of the terms that need to be searched and another text file list of the sites that need to be searched in. And then using the google API get the search results for each of the words in all the sites using site and date restricted searches. Then compile all the results into a easily viewable format and present it to the team. - In the process of hacking it together. Going to try and develop it in both Python and Java..lets see how it goes.


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