Thursday, October 06, 2005

Making sure outlook mails dont spoil your flow

At the to done blog there is a post by Bob Walsh, On the topic of how GDS 2 can be used to avoid outlook mail alerts from hampering your Getting things done routine, Bob good post but a couple of points, first if these mails keep getting shown in the sidebar, i am sure there is a tendancy to get at them as they come in, but i think you have hit upoon the right model but you need to do a little more coding/stuff, Basically Integrate with the "Microsoft Outlook Mobile Manager's Priority Engine" - which is a part of Microsoft Research, this built-in priority engine functionality sets based on your actions/selections(learning system) priorities/scores to the messages. Thus if your program is able to tap into this engine than it could be set up to display only the really important(high score) messages in the Google Sidebar.

Check it out at the Microsoft Research site, Channel 9 Video with a member from the research team & PDF on the engine.

More later.

Update: AVC wants something similar, lets ask scoble if he can get us some help so that we can go ahead get a hack in place.


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