Tuesday, November 09, 2004

"Experience" the Next Competitive Advantage

Have u ever thought of "experience" as a competitive advantage...no no not the experience of your staff/employees/collegues but the experience you provide your customers with.

Well recently i was reviewing one of Tom Peters as ever flashy presentations, it was about how "the story" or "the experience" are becoming important things, well first i was thinking what is this that they are talking about, and imagine he was refering to it as the future, it will be the only work that we "intelligent humans" will do.

But as usual i let the material sink in and moved on, well today there was one more blog entry and this time he was linking to a book and an interview with the author.

No i am begining to think, being behind the PC/Computer/Laptop/mobile device...i have probably lost touch with the touch a feel things that are important for businesses.

THink this on thru and really - REIMAGINE!


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