Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Reel Life Impacts Real Life

I am a movie buff, doesnt come up too many times in my blogs but is a fact, I really enjoy movies. Recently I watched "TROY" for probably the nth time. There is one place in the movie just before they set out to troy, when Achilles(spelling is off) mother tells him that he has two choices.

One to stay in Thesely and here he would find a wife and live a happy life and then he would have children and he would be remembered by them but history/society will not know him or will forget him in a very short time. Or he could go to the WAR and then he would be remembered always, thru the times but will never come back home/ never lead a peacefully life.

I think this is a great statement and will last the test of time, always men/women have a choice, weather to go the full distance or make the choice to lead a more simple & content life. There is no right and wrong way, it is just that we decide what is it for us.

What is your choice going to be?


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