Friday, October 08, 2004

I WANT to Live IT

One of colleagues, has picked up this interesting habit every day he sends some of us in the organization an interesting passage, i am sure he picks it up from some where ...refuses to divulge the source. i enjoy reading them. Infact i have been putting them in a folder to blog them/about them one of these days. But today's note really forced me to write about it immdly.

Live it
If you have something to say, say it! If you see that something must be done, do it. If you have an idea, pursue it. If you see a possibility, explore it. If you have a dream, live it!

Why do you think these things come to you? For you to ignore them? No, of course not. The reason you can see what must be done is because you're the one who can do it. The reason you have a dream is because you're the person who can live it.

Would you buy a loaf of bread and never eat it? Would you build a house and never live in it? Life comes to you in abundance every moment of every day, and it speeds away from you just as fast. Use it while you have it. That means right now!

Speak your mind. Make a difference. Live life as you envision it. Your possibilities are nothing short of astounding, and you know it. What a waste it would be to hold back even for a minute. Stand up, go forward. Fill each of your days with joy and meaning.

Question: Do any of us really live it?
Question: Is it that only the people who really live it succeed.


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