Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Weekend in Bangalore the silicon valley of India,

I was visiting bangalore for a family function, so here I was in the city which is the face of indias electronic world and it had huge blemishes on it, I am just going to list the most obvious one to us visitors...the ROADs or should I say the lack of it...I found myself driving on only pot holes and these werent holes, they were sized like craters, my car really complained , I think I need to get the under chasis checked for dents, becuase of the number of times it got hit,

the second killer was the traffic, It was down right unruly, I think somebody just forgot to explain to people what driving is..I dont think they learn driving , one fine day they just get into the car and start driving. Somebody should ban the use of quallis and sumos by these BPO they are really killers on the road, I swear, I almost got smashed into by three of them in the course of just two days.

Now lets forget bangalore lets talk about the drive to bangalore, there is a part of the section that comes under the golden quadrilateral program and man are these roads cool, I swear, it was amazing ....Kudos to the Vajpayee govt for this.


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