Tuesday, May 25, 2004

One advantage of blogging

Excerpts from Scoble blog

Another fully employed .NET programmer...

Sorry for not posting much this week. We've had visitors and it's just been hard to weblog.

Kunal Das is working on a version of his drag-something-to-a-folder-in-Outlook-and-have-it-automatically-posted app that'll just put links to each item, so that I can start a link blog up. I have a TON of stuff to put up there when it starts back up.

Kunal got a new job this past week too. Congrats! Another fully employed .NET programmer. Who's next? Yes, his new boss did Google and found out that he's been doing cool stuff. See how that works? Write a cool little .NET app. Improve it quickly. Get linked to by other bloggers (I wasn't the only one). Apply for new job at a place that understands how rare it is to find a developer who can do the above. Get new job.


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