Friday, May 21, 2004

i was just reading the speech gates made at the CEO summit recently, In his speech he said that there were 4 key areas he is refering to

Redefining Entertainment
Digital Lifestyle
Rewiring the economy
Redifining business productivity

which basically was led from the dream of "Seemless Computing"

Excerpts from the article/speech

Redefining Entertainment
the idea that you can get any show whenever you want, that you can chat with other people while you're watching shows. That video games, through things like Xbox Live, will become a very social experience that goes to every age. And so, that entertainment pillar. We're doing a lot there.

digital lifestyle
the idea that when you create and learn, that your memories can all be recorded so that the photos of your kids, the things that you did, the people you know, all of that is easily accessible. Those two pillars are much more consumer oriented.

Redifining business productivity
Security & Agility
security is important to bring up, not because it drives productivity, but it's been a drain on productivity. And it has really crowded people in terms of saying, 'Well, what are we going to do, what is our liability here, should we even sleep at night knowing that there are malicious people trying to attack these systems?' And they have had some success in propagating these various attacks. What is the key answer to this? Well, the reason we didn't have this historically is that your computer systems, it wasn't that the software was written better or anything like that. They were isolated. Their mainframe is not sitting there with any teenager in the world able to throw arbitrary attacks at it. It was only accessible to a small set of people. And so, as we got Internet connectivity, which is absolutely a great thing, we haven't had the systems in place to make absolutely sure that the right isolation is taking place.

Information Visibility

Rewiring the economy
Web Services
People & Processes
Direct Connections

Benefits of Seemless Computing
Awesome productivity potential
Empowered Information Workers
New Business Insight and ooportunity
A rewired economy


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