Monday, May 17, 2004

a lot more talk about the IBM Server Centric office suite, like had mentioned quite a few times in my earlier blogs...this is pretty cool stuff, I think I had read once in the MIT Tech review about about the possibility of someday having complete hard drives of people on the WWW. I think the possibilities for the future are very many.

Everybody is going after the office platform - here is an excerpt from another blog that I just read on "possibilities of Apple - Steve Jobs"

"If Jobs and team point their considerable innovation and creativity back toward desktop applications, they could blow a lot of new thinking into the market. Call it "iWorks"--an integrated desktop suite based on Linux. Apple would feature iWorks first on the Mac and then make it available on Intel machines. This would mean that 5 percent of desktops would have Linux desktops right out of the chute--a great start for the first serious Linux-based Microsoft Office fighter. This one's a stretch, given that Mac is based on OpenBSD, not Linux. But if the opportunity becomes compelling, I'll bet Jobs will move. "


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