Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Continuing - about the book I am reading, "Microsoft secrets"

Pearls of Wisdom/dumbdom - The was this section on how the in Microsoft no architecture documents are maintained and it is believed that the "Source is the ONE Document". Let me put that in perspective, this book was written way back in 1994....

but lets think about it a little bit do all the documents that we at development companies generate/create, Are they of any use ? yeah yeah there is a lot talk about continuity and stuff, but I don't think most of these documents make sense, Yes the operative word there is most not all. Most developers look straight into the code to get an idea of what is happening. Most documents are not complete or clear those that are both and no up to date.

I agree with the need for documents , but nothing the tune of what we are churning out today,

In a leading business daily sometime back I was reading a piece on how all this documentation is reducing the innovation capability of the people on the job in software companies,

I agree..more on this in days to come


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