Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Ruthless Reading,

In MSN they have come up with a list of suggestions for a mobile executives, here are excerpts from one on reading,

You've got to keep up in your field but who's got the time for all that reading? You, that's who, using these tips for ruthless reading:

Read differently for business. With books and reports, spend time initially on the table of contents and index. Read for names, subject areas, themes and conclusions, problems and solutions. Look up topics that catch your eye.

Once you understand the organization, flip through from back to front, pausing to read charts and graphs. What are the main arguments and supporting evidence?

Google the book and author; skim reviews to get a critical analysis.
Get coffee at a bookshop and spend time browsing the shelves, noting topics that are hot or prevalent.

Check out buzz words and phrases at http://www.googlism.com. This tool quotes snippets from articles and sites using the term, giving you a sense of context.

Carry magazines in your car for when you're stuck in traffic or waiting for appointments. Tear out articles you want to read and toss the magazine.


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