Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Now that Gates mentioned it in his keynote speech there is expected to be significant interest in blogging from the enterprise community, here is some excerpts from the blog of a person who has written about enterprise blogging

Enterprise clients using the Plastic platform can:

• Allow employees to efficiently manage, navigate and enhance the collective knowledge base of the company

• Organize the company’s collective intelligence using the platform’s intuitive, customizable information-architecture options

• Allow employees to rate content (industry news, sales strategies, etc.) according to relevance, ratings that are available to all employees

• Empower employees with a set of communication tools that facilitate ongoing discussion of the company’s stored knowledge

It's nice to think that we were on the right track back then, even if we were about three years too early. But I have to say, part of me is glad we didn't get a chance to prove the model. It would have taken two years of hand-to-mouth financing before the business environment got ready to understand what we were saying, and I'm honestly not sure if I was cut out to be an enterprise software salesman. Much more fun to be hanging out in Brooklyn with my kids and writing books all day.


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