Thursday, April 22, 2004

Why do Indians when traveling to different parts of the world, go around hunting for Indian restaurants and not try the local cuisine.

In one my trips to Bangkok, I met this American student who was traveling the Asia pacific area, he was eating the customary Thai food, in the most common of places in Thailand on the street. Here is a person, who particularly in Bangkok has all the options to feed himself on American food and is sitting and eating the local cuisine this is one end of the spectrum, and at the other end there is colleague of mine who day in and day out walked all the way down to a Indian restaurant and ate the same dish (rajma chawal) for close to 8 months, two meals a day.infact this case has become an legend in the office now.

Why don't we as a community atleast most of us not like trying other/local cuisines..what is it that prevents us.


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