Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Right Job

How do you decide if a job is right for you? This is one of the serious problems faced by executives of today, including one of my very good friends, so this got me thinking and hence this post. Well These are very basic ones

- Need to check out if it is stable company, working in the space that you want to be involved with. With the kinda of clients that you want to be working with. Another thing to look at, particularly since most companies have are global now is what they do in your specific country. Like globably they can be a consulting company but india the people basically do the backend work for these consulting assignments.

- What is your role in the company?,How do you / your level fit into the big picture of the organisation? Is this the kind of work that you would excel in, just managing is no longer good enough, you need to excel that is the key.

- What is the culture of the organisation? This i beleive is one factor that is phenomenally important but constantly forgotten. Is it a mom dad company, is it a cut throat dog eat dog one, this is very imporatant, As you can love the work etc but since you spend a bulk of your time there, if you dont enjoy the surrondings it will be very difficult.

- This is a convinience factor, but it tells on your personal life. If you have to travel long distances than you lose a lot of time in travel, this time is not deducted from your work time, but the time you spend with your family.

- This needs no explination. Be reasonable. WIN WIN is the motto.

Is This the Right Job for You?


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