Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Searching across multiple desktops

Some time soon i need to get around to implementing this....

Brandon talks about how to search across multiple PCs here:

...you should try Windows Desktop Search combined with the free FolderShare application.� With FolderShare your data remains safely on your PCs, but you can search, browse, and access your data from any internet-connected PC.� FolderShare added search integration with WDS last summer.� They were acquired by Microsoft a few months ago and the product was made free at that time.

Sounds like a more palatable solution than the one discussed here...�which is frightening to me:

"If you use the Search Across Computers feature and don't configure Google Desktop very carefully—and most people won't—Google will have copies of your tax returns, love letters, business records, financial and medical files, and whatever other text-based documents the Desktop software can index. The government could then demand these personal files with only a subpoena rather than the search warrant it would need to seize the same things from your home or business, and in many cases you wouldn't even be notified in time to challenge it. Other litigants—your spouse, your business partners or rivals, whoever—could also try to cut out the middleman (you) and subpoena Google for your files."

Hey.... I'm just sayin'!

[Via Torres Talking]


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