Sunday, March 26, 2006

Escalating Appeals

You should check out the post with the same title at David Maisters Blog are a few of them....and the ones that i use most often in bold.

1. The Personal Request – Do it as a favor to me. I’ll owe you one.
2. The Ego Protection Ploy – You’ll look bad in the eyes of others.
3. The Team Play Appeal – It’s important to the team.
4. The Fun Promise – You’ll enjoy it once you start doing it.
5. The Isolation Gambit – You don’t want to be the odd person out.
6. The Guilt Plea – You’re a better person than that.
7. The Values Volley – It’s consistent with what you believe in.
8. The Perspective Point – It will pay off for you in the long run.
9. The Have Mercy Message – Other people will suffer if you don’t.
10. The Contractual Comeback – You agreed to this when we discussed it.
11. The Principle Principle – It’s the right thing to do.
12. The Context Framer – When you do this, it has the following consequences for others.
13. The Achievement Temptation – You could get good at this if you wanted to.
14. The Recognition Response – People will really think highly of you if you do this.
15. The Desperation Resort – Do It and We’ll Pay You (We promise.)

1/12/14...Have been most successful for me...:)


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