Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The end of boredom

Portable media devices, whether Ipods, portable gaming devices, phones with all their features, or whatever have
solved what has been a generations old nuisance for all of us, boredom.

We have our little devices and now we are never bored. We dont find ourselves staring off into space unoccupied,
wondering what to do. We dont find ourselves muttering about how bored we are sitting on the train, or on a plane,
trying to do anything to make the time go by more quickly.

Our little mobile devices are so popular because they are the ultimate, continuous distraction. They are the easiest
cure for boredom.

Check your email. Call your friend. Play a game on your phone or PSP. Watch a movie on your Ipod. It doesnt matter
where you are anymore. You always have at least one.

When we leave the house now, its keys, wallet, phone/pda/IPod, lock the door.  The minute we have nothing
better to do, or our mind starts to wander, regardless of where we are, meetings, events, elevator, exercise bike,
walking down the street, out it comes.

When we have to do something that we want to go by quickly, like those 45 mins on the bike. Out it comes. You dont
care how big the screen is, you just want to be distracted…and maybe catch up on your favorite show or watch the
video of the kids soccer match

We are going to become increasingly dependent on these devices not because we think they are amazing or wonderful,
but because they are there. They do their job. They distract us.

Portable video will be successful not because it will siphon off viewing from traditional tv. Portable video sells
and will sell in increasing numbers because its a better cure for boredom, and a better distraction than just music, or
just a phone, or just games.

Daydreaming and zoning out arent dead and gone, but they now have a soundtrack and a video

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