Tuesday, October 11, 2005

As per this note ...a school...threatens blogger into quiting

This story has lots of moving parts, but I'll try to tell it as simply as possible. An longterm IBM-India employee Gaurav Sabnis followed up on his personal blog on his own time with new information on an India Uncut magazine article that revealed the India Institute for Management and Planning (IIMP) had vastly overclaimed its academic performance in recruiting ads for new MBA candidates.

Gaurav's writing seems moderate and credible to me, and certainly was did not appear to be inflammatory. IIMP first responded with a silly legal letter which Gaurav posted. When that didn't work, IIMP, who buys a lot of IBM computers went to Gaurav's boss and verbally rattled sabres. IBM chatted with Gaurav who then offered to put a disclaimer about his views being his own and not his employers, which did not satisfy the school who most decidedly did not act with the graciousness one might expect from an allegedly highly credential academic institution of higher degrees.

Instead, the school threatened IBM, telling them that if Gaurav was not fired immediately, a student protest would be held and students would burn their Thinkpads in protest. Gaurav wrote that he wished to keep his right to free speech, yet wanted to do nothing to embarrass his employer.

So he resigned.

Source Naked Converstations

Cant beleive this really happened!


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