Thursday, June 17, 2004

Mozzila VS IE

Let the Browser WAR begin,

Well scoble mentioned about it, would effectively mean we have to read it, I just read the piece on "Why You should dump internet explorer"

For a change like the author himself mentions it is not by a microsoft hater,

The points raised by the author are simple & sound.

He first points to the are of Security:

Spyware, IE allows easier install of malicious code/software on the system without the user knowing it, This is done using ActiveX and Active Scripting.

When it comes to all other types of serious security issues. For years now, it’s seemed like every time you turn around there is a new way to have your computer taken over via Internet Explorer. Infact the other indicates that an attacker can very easily execute commands on the PC from within IE.

Well he also mentions that it is possible to lock down windows, but require great technical know how.

The Next segment he moves to is standards

Microsoft doesnt implement all the industry standards (XHTML / CSS).
"The absolute worst browser when it comes to supporting the standards is Internet Explorer."
There are innumerable features/standards supported in other browsers, but not in IE.

The third point is about options, And in this section i think one important point that should be noted is that, this whole discussion is getting started up due to the simple fact that now we have other viable options available to us,

Here the author recommends the Mozzila firefox, I have used it and am quite happy with it,

Features of this browser that the author highlights is:
1. Tabbed Browsing - I vouch for this feature it is pretty cool
2. Improved Security Systems
3. Complete Support to Standards

Also one feature not mentioned by the author which i like is, the downloads management utility. It has a complete list of downloads that are done through the browser and where they are located too.


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