Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I just finished reading a blog by Chris pratley on Patents and open source software...quite interesting.

Side Bar: "What is the status of the open source movement in India"

I was just reading about the linux on the desktop option from Red Hat, Here are some of my thoughts on that.
I have been wanting to install linux on my laptop for the last couple of months but a few things make me put it off,

1. Outlook, I think this is the killer app for Microsoft. - not that there are not equals to it, its just that we are very comfortable with it.

2. Required applications running on it

3. Set up....I am worried that I will go ahead and install the operating system and then run pillar to post for the other drivers etc

4. Need to step out of the comfort zone

5. Need to take a back up of the data

6. Ignorance of how I can use the data I already have created in the MS platform.

...thinking of more

Lets see, what I plan to do today is find everything that is required to run Linux on my laptop. Lets see how far I go?


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