Thursday, April 29, 2004

Random the end of the day...very long day...

Well after a day of using google and i have reached 1% of the space and that is a measly 10mb...and yes this is a web mail service that is free that i am talking about.

I have two invitations to give out of the google mail service...NOW who should i be giving it away tooo..let me think about it....who will really freak out with it????

How can RSS be used in the Enterprise

What is bio technology...i am really bored stiff with everybody talking about it. i think i better get around to finding out what the hell it really is.

Why is it so difficult to get to run and piece of code downloded from the new

I am trying out the Blogger API to programmatically load my posts....TRYING....@$#@#$@#


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