Monday, April 26, 2004

I am thrilled , I just got a GMAIL account, I feel like a kid who has got the latest toy in the market... I am pleased...what I really liked, was the way I registered it took me a grand total of 1 min, it was really good, but I just send my self a mail but that hasnt yet been delivered let me go and find out what in gods name is the problem.

I am just reviewing their getting started document, well they have a couple o f focuses here

1. The new view - the conversation view, this one we are used to in outlook but in a is new and it is good facility to have
2. Flexible filing system...I still dont get it, but I dont completely get it let me try it out and then comment on it
3. of course the amount of space they provide they seem to be directly mentioning yahoo, as it provides 4 mb and ofcourse google provides 1000mb, man I wonder how many mails will fit in there.
4. An easy way to see all your messages at once - not clear will review and comment later
5. can they talk about google and not talk about the ability to search....

Highlights for me are
1. Space
2. Ability to search
3. Conversation view

Okay I am getting back to reviewing the mail facility now....more later.


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