Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I read this article in business week , an interview of larry page the co founder of google there are lot of interesting Q&A I am going to comment on a few topics that caught my attention,

1. Brand Google, I am not a particularly savvy in this space but I wonder what brand google stands for, well when we think google we think of the following things

- High Tech
- Best technology solution
- Quiet
I cant think of much more, I think like Microsoft has people blogging for it, similarly google should also get some bloggers.

2. Microsoft bundle internet search on its desktop (no technology discussion is complete with out a mention of Microsoft)

I am quite sure Microsoft is going to put their back into getting a good search product in place, as they realize the importance of the "search a key to the information gen"

Predictions are google is to the information age what Microsoft was to the computer age, I don't think google is going to get away that easily it is going to be a fight...but at present the odds are with google.


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