Friday, August 04, 2006

Loyalty programs in Multiplex's

Satyam the multiplex in Chennai needs to implement a Loyalty program and work on improving the whole movie experience, they have improved the infrastrucutre, the facilties but i think they are missing on a whole set of benefit that they can deliver giving them a huge advantage.

Today there is no competition for Satyam, but thats not going to be the case for too long, Infact the poster boy for multiplex in india - PVR...Could also do the same.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sathyam Cinemas is as u ritely said the only modern multiplex in the whole Chennai metro.It has no competition in Chennai atall.It is the only place anyone in the whole big city of Chennai where one can watch an English film.Thats amazing to learn how in such a huge metropolis of Chennai there isnt a single other modern multiplex that has opened in the last two decades esp one inside a mall where one can watch an English film.Mayajaal cannot be counted as its in the pherperial city limits on ECR.Sathyam as a multiplex is very good one.The technology used for screening the films are definietly quite impressive.The overall theatre infrastructure,common areas,restrooms is very good too.However the seats in Sathyam,Subam and Santham are beginning to show their age and are getting quite old,even torn in some places and nowhere near a PVR standard.They are also nowhere as comfortable as PVR except SIX DEGREES which is a new screen inside Sathyam Cinemas.Seating infrastruture needs to be improved to keep the Sathyam loyals from moving to INOX which is scheduled to open soon in Chennai Citi Centre Mall.The opening of INOX Multiplex is the most aniticpated event this year among all of Chennai.Multiplexes esp inside huge malls are of the greatest demand in Chennai and totally untapped and very few among the national multiplex operators like Fame,Adlabs,Cinemx ,Fun Republic have taken advantage of this EXHORBTENT unmet demand.To date they have had no multiplexes that they have signed here in Chennai city among new mall developers.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well i was at Citi Center recently , and saw the announcement that the multiplex is opening soon.....Do you know of any other that are opening in the near future.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are none more which would be opening up in the whole of Chennai metro over the next 1 to 1 1/2 years atleast or more.We will see nuthen else probably till mid-late 2008 cause absolutely none of the others malls proposed would be ready for fitouts anytime before 2008.Most of them have not even started construction work or are in the foundation stage.Probably the first one which would be ready we are hoping owing to its complete shutdown and the utterly slow pace of construction work going on as of the day would be Ampa Center One Mall.It will house PVR Cinemas.In Chennai multiplex culture is still not caught the city atall .This is the last of all metros to embrace the mall-multiplex culture.Isnt that sad.Almost all other major metros of Indian and even some 2 tier cities have atleast 2- 3 state of the art large malls with huge world class multiplexes enclosed withn them as of today.As a Chenniate we have been given very little entertainment options like state of the art multiplexes with international food courts all in one.Sathaym Cinemas is the only multiplex in the entire metrolpolitan city of Chennai.That kinda haveing no option state makes one true Chenniate weep.

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