Friday, July 02, 2004

well blogging has been very light for the last two weeks as I have been traveling, well now I am back home and it feels very good to be back.

An interesting thing during the course of the travel was the people I met when flying around,

first I met a guy "A*****" I forgot his name, he worked for sun and was responsible for hardware design of memory chip set in the sun Solaris machines settled in silicon valley, had quite a nice time talking to him about a lot of things from school to what he is doing now to what he is planning to do in the was pretty good & lively conversation, we had a blast.

second, I met a gentleman who runs his own shop designing computer chips for various organizations in the world, his name was ganesh..he had bought some cool automobile equipment for taiwan its pretty cheap there..we were both on the waiting list from taiwan to Singapore.

third, met a person called prasad, who works in the HP laptop division, we spoke about laptops and how they get manufactured in taiwan and so on.

Last I met ram, a scientist with HP labs, spoke about phds and a lot more stuff about research, technology and so on...pretty cool stuff

I had a real nice trip but for all the work I had to do.


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