Thursday, November 18, 2004

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Mobile Web

RSS has a great potential in mobile phones
>From Sony Ericsson position paper - Mobile Web Initiative Workshop<

Mobile Web use cases #2: information updates

To further address the issue of how to get users online, and their reluctance to browse the Web in the traditional meaning, we look at another major trend.

Push services are on the rise on the Internet, based on the de facto standard RSS. We believe that RSS has a great potential in mobile phones, as a technology to automatically provide updated content to users - accessing the Web without browsing.

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Think russel also wrote something on this/similar topic. The Mobile Web

So "mobile RSS aggregator" is defn one of the possible routes to go. I think it will be great.

But i think with all this discussion of how to deliver content on the mobile phone , people we are all forgetting that there is another important facet as well, about getting information from the mobile/rephrasing - sending data/content/info out of the mobile now there are just two convinient ways of doing it either text/voice. Well how are we going to improve that. HOW!

This i think should be an important guideline to decide the technology best suited to for the mobile.


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