Thursday, November 18, 2004

"Dreams" / "Expereinces"

This is what our life is really all about. We dream of somethings and wish we could make them realities and ofcourse as we chase our dreams we have experiences.

Dreams are always good, but experiences can be good or bad, but they are always educational. An experience is the best way to learn. If somebody told you the internet is amazing, you might belive him/her but not be as convinced or sure. Now try it yourself/experience the internet first hand and you have a wealth of information or knowledge that you can share.

Well on dreams i think there is a need to refer to it as "Aspirations" as dreams are somethings that you have at night and dont have any control, but really what we are refering to here are "Aspirations/hopes" of the people.

Well, tom peters seems to think that the next focus is on trying to make dreams/aspirations come true, with great experiences.


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