Saturday, December 10, 2005

Delicious Acquired

Yahoo Acquires Delicious

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1. Acquired
2. Acquirer
3. VC

All in just a couple of mins.....


Update: Today i read this post from Feld, though i figure he hasnt read my post, the key is that there is a small people eco system that gets built around each blog, so the information might be unique for them, Yes for the big readers (opml > 200) there is definitely bound to be repetition.

Also on another post feld thought that when blogger said a facility or functionality was good / bad thier posts where very superficial.

Than i read this post by slacker manager which i beleive is relevant on all above 3 counts.

The Several Habits of Wildly Successful Users :

Habit One: Make many marks Bookmark everything you find interesting.
Habit Two: Sir Tag-A-Lot Tag it. Tag it good.
Habit Three: Use the inbox The inbox is a mystery for many folks, but it's a powerful tool.
Habit Four: Mix 'n match Now that you know how to use the inbox, don't feel constrained to individual tags. Mix 'em up.
Habit Five: Stalk other users After tracking a few things for a while, you'll start to wonder where a particular user gets all their interesting bookmarks.
Habit Six: Get it to go Now that you've got a full inbox, you probably don't want to go troll through it every day, trying to figure out what you've already seen.
Habit Seven: Move it around No need for your bookmarks to remain trapped in If you have a blog, you can export your links a number of ways.


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