Friday, November 19, 2004

Today had some time in the afternoon so started reading all the clippings that i had put away to be read when free at bloglines, i didint even get past 10% of them when i came upon a blog entry which i needed to write something about.

"Innovation in Bloggin", Well i dont want to deal with this topic directly but am more interested in what functionality i would like in my blog readers, just some initial thoughts.
Aggregate complete blogs of from select sites
Aggregate key word based blog entries from a fixed list of blogs
Aggregate key word based blog entries from the complete Blogsphere
If i find one blog interesting, i should be able to click on it and bring up all the blogs that it links to and that are linked to this blog. Also bringing up all the related blog entries from with in the subscription list/blogsphere/
Others, Some people need to run focussed link blogs, scobles link blog is too generic and is not categorised, Similarly other key figures should pick up an area of interest or speciallity and provide link blogs on them, this was we can review the link blog and get an feel of information in that particular space.


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