Thursday, November 18, 2004

Mobile Web - Paper Review

As just reading the various reports that are there for the mobile W3C Standards conference in barcelona.

Below i have picked up specific notes that i have liked in the various pieces that i have read, the first one is by sun
With large and growing numbers of people subscribing to mobile network and communications services, the operators and carriers have core competencies that give
them an opportunity to bring sophisticated and richer services to network end-point users and subscribers, constructing service scaffoldings which are more intelligent and
responsive to the contextual needs of users.

However, in the long run, the provision of such sophisticated services requires integration and interconnection of a large number of value-add service providers and partnerships. To
arrive at such a super network of services, identity federation and management become crucial necessities to other valuable functions of the system.

W3C and the Mobile Web
A large part of the work of the W3C has focused on content description and distribution and web services technologies. Activities such as the W3C Mobile Web Initiative can play a positive role in the mobile web services domain by:
1. Articulating how web content can best be described for and used by mobile devices. If there are any gaps in this area, they need to be identified and addressed. New research
and study regarding display technologies may be of significance.
2. Paying greater attention to the central role of network access and identity management to the evolution of a service oriented architecture for the use of the web, i.e. by adding
a user-centric perspective to W3C's traditional content-centric perspective of the Internet.
3. Incorporating, as an extension of item 2, the technologies that would allow digital rights to be preserved when content is distributed through the web, including the mobile web.

These are only a sample of ideas for how this initiative can help unleash the mobile web to reach the future phases of its evolution.


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